Improve your English: revising grammar

Tips and recomendations

  • Take a text and make a grammar activity out of it. You could first read the text, then analyse it looking for grammar. You decide!! If, for example, you have a text about the benefits of drinking sea water, you can predict the grammar before you read it (Passive voice – use of “is used” “was tested” etc.)
  • Take a song (one you are interested in) and look at the overall context. PAST, PRESENT, or FUTURE?? Why/How do you know? What is the context? Look at the grammar, can you think of other contexts where it could be used? Try and re-use the grammar you are looking at. Send a whatsapp, text, email using the grammar or explain what you did with the song to a friend.
  • Have a look at these links on YouTube to get an idea about how to find grammar examples on YouTube.
  • When you are taking a shower, washing the dishes, walking your dog, waiting for a bus/metro, on a train etc etc etc… Try to think in English sometimes. Imagine you need to ask someone for a favour in English, can you? If not, have a quick look on Google later on if you remember; just take five minutes of your time to check how to say it in English. Take a few minutes to refresh the grammar you don’t remember! 

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